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Covid-19 Project


by Marsha Dowshen

Covid-19 Art

Since most of my shows and projects had been cancelled, I had time to think about how I could represent what my customers, friends and family have been going through, and what they are looking forward to.

I spent this new-found creative time producing a series of pieces I call, "Undaunted". Using my porcelain pins, tiles, pottery shards, wind-chime pieces, etc., and used pyrometric cones*, I've made this art to reflect on these difficult times and on the hope that we will soon be in a better place.


Pyrometric cones (used to gauge the temperature of a firing kiln) are distorted by the heat of the firings reminding me of the virus now affecting us all.

Most of these wall-hangings have been taken, but I will be adding more shortly. Please check back.

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